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Market Vendors

Here to Provide All the Tastes of Texas

At The Junction Area Farmers Market, we’re all about supporting the local community. Our vendors are members of the Hill Country community that sell an assortment of quality goods to residents at market prices. All of our vendors offer a variety of homemade and homegrown items and guarantee that customers go home happy with their purchase.

Vendor List

Vendor Lists will be posted each week!

Below is the Vendor List for September 30td, 2023

  • The Honey Bean Coffee and Tea Company

  • River Ranch Harvest: Cherry tomatoes, jalapeños, + bell, mirasol & NM Hatch peppers

  • Bradbury Farm: Serrano, jalapeños, tabasco, bell, shishito peppers, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, basil, zucchini, patty pan squash, & cucumbers

  • Garcia's Tacos: Tacos & aguas frescas

  • The Fruit Box: Corn in a cup, fried fish , cheesecake nachos, & pineapple coconut juice

  • Granny's Kitchen: Assorted pickles [plain & jalapeño], assorted jams [plain & jalapeño], pickled okra [plain & jalapeño], beets, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, B&B jalapeños & relish

  • Baked in London: Wheat, white + rye breads, jalapeño-cheddar pull apart bread, blueberry cornbread, braided herb loaves, baguettes, pumpkin spice coffee cake, funfetti cupcakes w/vanilla frosting, watercress + broccoli microgreens, dark chocolate + coconut granola bark, granola, eggs, salsa, marinara sauce, & loose leaf tea

  • Ms. Bacilia's: Salsa & tortillas

  • Sally's Specialities

  • Wags in Bags: Homemade doggie treats & custom toys

  • Three Chicks: Gourds, art work, & handmade wooden crafts

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