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Get to Know Us

The Junction Area Farmers Market is nestled in the heart of the Texas hill country, located in Junction, Texas. Located on the Kimble County Courthouse Lawn, the market is in the heart of town in Junction, TX. A short walk from the market is the gorgeous South Llano River and Junction City Park (where the market began back in 2020). When visiting the market, one can expect to see 30 consistent vendors with a rotating number of over 150 local, Texas vendors. 

Candace Morrison started the market in June of 2020. In the middle of a worldwide pandemic, and a presidential election year, Junction needed unity in community and access to fresh foods more than ever. After petitioning City Council, the market opened with 6 beautifully small vendors in the park, including Candace's coffee trailer, The Honey Bean Coffee and Tea Company. That bright, red trailer still anchored the market as she grew from 6 to 15 vendors by the end of the first year. 2021 went from 1 event and 15 vendors to 4 events and over 75 registered vendors, with 30 consistent vendor spots at the market. 2021 saw the creation of a $4,000 scholarship to award to a Junction student, a blood drive, a parade, many live music events, and the most beautiful Saturday mornings.

As we eagerly race into the 2023 season, we are proud to be announcing new market growth. In the off season before the launch of the 2022 season, the market created a website (you are here!), a newsletter (go sign up!), added 2 free draft beer events to make a total of 6 events, and was awarded a grant to operate a SNAP food stamp program. 

We are excited to start our fourth year as a market by moving to a more central location: The Kimble County Courthouse Lawn.

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